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How to Read The Hobbit Fanfiction


  • cover face with hands
  • flail
  • scream “MY BABIES” at random intervals
  • cry
  • roll around
  • flail some more
  • repeat


Next Great Adventure

because who knew that Bilbo’s paradise would be a new adventure with his friends? Will break your heart but in a good way and Thilbo but only if you want it to be. which I do


Made and Reamde the Necklace of Songs

Hobbits have a soulmark, Dwarfs a heartsong that leads them to their soulmate. Cue to Thorin discovering that Bilbo is his heartsong and wanting to check his soulmark and wether or not is reads his name. Only obstacle: Soulmarks are something extremyl private. shenanigans ensue. imageimage


Basically every exam I study for

I’m glad you’re here, Merlin.

Really shipping Bilbo/Thorin right now.


“I’ve never been so wrong about anyone in my entire life.” And that was when the Thilbo ship sailed for me. I was just waiting for the “I love you”s.

My Thoughts During The Hobbit



What are you doing?